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Priority of admissions is given to children of:

  1. Present student in good standing with the school
  2. Siblings of present students
  3. Children of faculty and staff of Saint Francis Catholic School
  4. Children of active, contributing members of Saint Francis Church bearing a recommendation of the current pastor.
  5. Children of active, contributing members of the Roman Catholic Church who desire the Christian formation of their child.
  6. All other Catholic and non-Catholic children whose parents consent to the full participation of their child in the religious formation program of Saint Francis Catholic School.


New Student Admissions Process
Before a new student is admitted to Saint Francis Catholic School, the prospective student with the parent(s) needs to meet with the principal. The student’s most recent report card should be presented at the initial meeting. This meeting will serve as a way to assess the child’s “fit” with the school and its goals. The meeting also gives the parent(s) and the student the opportunity to “assess” the school. The meeting may include a tour of the school grounds.


After this initial meeting the parent must meet the following requirements for formal consideration for admission to Saint Francis Catholic School.

  1. Submit a completed Student Application and Information form along with the full payment of the Application Fee (non-refundable).
  2. Submit a copy of your child’s most recent grade report.
  3. Submit a completed Emergency Information Card with signed medical release statement.
  4. Sign and submit a Tuition Contract.
  5. Submit an official copy of the perspective student’s birth certificate.
  6. Submit any court custody documents.
  7. Submit a copy of the perspective student’s sacrament certificates for all Sacraments of Initiation (that is, Baptism, Holy Communion, & Confirmation) received.
  8. Submit verification of proper and current immunization of the perspective student.
  9. Have the perspective student complete a medical exam within the past year and submit a completed Physical Examination form signed by a licensed physician.
  10. Have the perspective student complete the academic assessment testing in English and math. Test scores must be no more than one year old.


Only after all of these requirement have been fulfilled, will the principal meeting with the faculty division heads to make a judgment on whether Saint Francis Catholic School will be able to meet the academic needs of the perspective student. After this meeting the principal will inform the parents in writing as to the school’s decision. After this process, the perspective student may be:

  1. Admitted and may enroll for the current or coming school year
  2. Admitted and be placed on a waiting list due to class limitations
  3. Denied admission for the reason that Saint Francis Catholic School will not be able to meet the academic needs of the perspective student.


The parent(s) have a right to ask for their child’s application to be reconsidered. They may also request to meet with the principal regarding their child’s case.