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September 22, 2017


In keeping with our PEACE theme, our highlighted book this week is called:

A Faith like Mine: A celebration of the world’s religions through the eyes of children.

By Laura Buller

Our world is comprised of so many different cultures.  Many people that God created are religious.  This feature read provides us insights on how other cultures celebrate their faith!

What is Faith?  Faith is when you have TRUST in something or someone.   It is when you believe something to be true.  As Catholics we have faith in God!  We believe in Jesus Christ!  What other religions do you know of and how do they celebrate their faith?

By learning a different culture, you become more willing to embrace their differences.  You become an Effective Communicator by respecting the various viewpoints of others despite their opinions or beliefs.

Borrow this book today and start embracing a world of differences! 


Heal the world!


Ms. J. Roberto


Student Affairs Administrator